The Cursed Dance

Hello everyone! I know this post isn’t about dragons, and I apologize. I had a bunch of work assignments assigned for this week and I’ve been trying to participate in NaNoWriMo, so I’m still in the research phase of the article, which would be easier if there was more scientific research, but that’s beside the point.

Anyway, instead of the dragon post, I have another poem about a curse for you guys. I promise that I’m not interested in dark arts. I also write plenty of prayers, but I kinda have a theme going, and, if I’m going to write fairy tale retellings, I will need to write the curses.

This particular poem was actually inspired by the rhythm of Enya’s Bard Dance. I was listening to the song one day, many years ago, and the first couple of lines kept repeating in my head, so I sat down, listened to the song, and wrote.

And on that note…..

Anyway, happy reading!


Forward, backward, forward, 
Then we twirl around.
Forward, backward, forward,
To dancing we our bound.

Twirling, leaping, twirling,
Why ever did we bend?
Twirling, leaping, twirling,
It will never end.

Curtsey, bow, and curtsey
Only to do it again.
Curtsey, bow, and curtsey
Only to do it again.

Laughing, dancing, laughing,
That is what we did.
Terror, envy, terror,
We should've gone and hid.

Curse, evil curse
Always we must dance.
Curse, evil curse
Away she did prance.

Help us, save us, help us.
On us is a curse.
Free us, please, free us.
She could do no worse.

Dancing, dying, dancing,
We can't ever stop.
Dancing, dying, dancing,
She said we need a rock.

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