Dragons Around the World: The Standard Western Dragon

Hello everyone! If you haven't guessed yet, although you probably have, this week we're going to be talking about dragons. And not just any dragon, but the Standard Western Dragon. This is the dragon that we all know and love. Well, not really. If you're from the west and are interested in dragons, this is … Continue reading Dragons Around the World: The Standard Western Dragon


The Cursed Dance

Hello everyone! I know this post isn't about dragons, and I apologize. I had a bunch of work assignments assigned for this week and I've been trying to participate in NaNoWriMo, so I'm still in the research phase of the article, which would be easier if there was more scientific research, but that's beside the … Continue reading The Cursed Dance

The Mirror’s Curse

So, if you haven't guessed already, I love fairytales and fairy tale retellings. I also love writing, so I have lots of ideas for potential projects, like a version of Cinderella from the Prince's point of view and a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. The full concept hasn't really formed yet, but I want … Continue reading The Mirror’s Curse

Intro To the Latest Series: Dragons Around the World

Hello, beloved readers! This week, I will be introduction a series of articles about dragons! Which are, like my favorite animal ever (except squirrels or cats), and one of my various obsessions (although most things that I write about are things that I am or have been extremely obsessed with at one point or another … Continue reading Intro To the Latest Series: Dragons Around the World

Mara’s Curse

So, for this week's post, I thought I'd share a poem that I've written for a fairy tale retelling that I've been working on based on The Twelve Dancing Princesses. Although I am aware that there are some good retellings of this fairy tale (like Jessica Day George's Princess of the Midnight Ball. Great book … Continue reading Mara’s Curse

Cinderella’s Redemption

Everyone knows the story "Cinderella"—or at least, they should. After all, different versions of the fairy tale exist all over the world. Today though, I want to look at the European version. If you've never heard of Cinderella, here's a brief synopsis: a young orphaned girl is enslaved by her evil stepmother and stepsisters, and … Continue reading Cinderella’s Redemption