This is a poem that I wrote last year. I had been contemplating the question of importance, as someone had asked me a question about what I find value in people, so poem time! I hope you enjoy it! Happy Reading! *** Importance is a funny thing. It contains the values you bring Into that … Continue reading Importance

Destruction and Other Poems

Hello all! I am sorry I have not been posting regularly; I have many things going on in my life. I will attempt to be slightly more consistent, but with school starting back up, who knows? I am aware that the title of this post is slightly depressing. I mean, who wants to read about … Continue reading Destruction and Other Poems

Why We Should Read Jane Austen

I recently gave a speech in my communications class in an attempt to persuade my classmates to read Jane Austen, my favorite fiction author. Since I have not written anything on her works yet, I thought I would share this speech with you. Happy Reading! ***             There comes a time in every persons’ life … Continue reading Why We Should Read Jane Austen