About the Author

Hello, everyone!

My name is Hannah Schleede (née Buffalo), and (surprise) I am the author of this blog. I thought you might like to know a bit more about me, so I added this page. Here are some things it might interest you to know:

~I’m a Christian! This is the most important thing about me.

~I’m the oldest of eight! It’s fun! Sometimes.

~I’m homeschooled! With seven siblings! Yay!

~I want to be an author! Which means you should expect to read a few stories I’ve  written.

~I love to read! Which is why this is called the book nerd’s realm.

~I love acting! I used to be part of a theater group, and a drama class, so you’ll probably see some posts about movies and plays.

~I like folklore and fairy tales! Basically, if it’s fantasy, and age-appropriate, I’ll enjoy it.

~Chemistry is my third favorite school subject! I most likely won’t write about the ins and outs of the subject (cue sigh of relief), though it may be mentioned occasionally.

~Spelling is not my strong suit! Fortunately, I have editors who will catch my mistakes.

~I like designing clothes! But I can’t draw well. Sadness :(…

~I enjoy public speaking! Which is actually ironic, along with the whole acting thing, because…

~I’m generally a shy person! Unless I know someone really well, or I feel comfortable, I prefer to hide in a corner.

There’s a whole lot more that I could tell you, but I think that you would discover most of it for yourself, so I’ll leave it at that. Happy reading!