This is a poem that I wrote last year. I had been contemplating the question of importance, as someone had asked me a question about what I find value in people, so poem time! I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Reading!


Importance is a funny thing.
It contains the values you bring
Into that which you see.
Why do you value me?
To love God is my first goal.
Transcendence is part of my soul.
My mind wishes to fly
Beyond the world, and I
To be filled with eternal fire. 
I am of those who see beyond.
To other realms I have a bond.
The Lord brings me back to this earth,
For through Him I see worth
In this life.

What do you see in me?

In you, I find
Another mind
That understands the things I see.
That's very important to me.
You have become a link to earth;
You have helped me see my worth.
I see the goodness in your soul
(It's through the Spirit's work, I know),
And I love the fact that you care, 
Willingly being there
For me.
In your arms, I can rest safely.
When I'm with you, I feel
A warmth and happiness that's real.
Your smile makes my day bright; 
I love it when your eyes are filled with light.
Your presence makes my heart flutter,
And it almost melts like butter.
Heart still works with reason,
Even in this new season, 
For a meeting of mind with mind
Is something which we find
In each other.


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