Destruction and Other Poems

Hello all! I am sorry I have not been posting regularly; I have many things going on in my life. I will attempt to be slightly more consistent, but with school starting back up, who knows?

I am aware that the title of this post is slightly depressing. I mean, who wants to read about destruction and hopelessness? However, I think it’s important to be aware of the consequences of sin, so that we may better understand the wonderful thing which God has done for His elect in calling them to Himself, from rescuing us from the edge of the pit, so that we may no longer despair, so that we are free of sin’s thrall, and that we might be with Him in eternity. It is also important to understand that we do not achieve initial justification of ourselves, as Paul writes in Ephesians 2:8-9, but it is God’s gift of grace that allows us to seek Him out, which is why my final poem is one of hope.

Happy reading!



Upon the edge they stood about to fall.
In desperation, I cried out, “Turn back!”
Why did they not heed my fear-filled, loud call?
Upon the edge they stood about to fall.
Their hearts and minds in the evil one’s thrall.
Knowledge of what was to come they did lack.
Upon the edge they stood about to fall.
In desperation, I cried out, “Turn back!”


The Hopeless

As we go through life and learn more about God and theology, sometimes we’ll realize that we have mistaken understandings of how things work. So, for now, this poem will be out of commission, since I need to tinker with it a little.



Changed from within, God turned the light on,
Here now because of the sacrifice of the Son.
Old made new through Christ and Spirit reborn.
Sent to minister throughout the land,
Everywhere spreading the gospel at Christ’s command.
Near to God, for all my curse has been borne.

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