The Keeper’s Ballad

This poem has a long history. The idea started with a character I created last year while I was reading a book. I called her the Keeper. I did not place her in a specific realm until sometime later, but she came to be a part of a place I call The Realm of Fantasy, where the characters from every story ever written live on islands built by the Eretore (which means Island Builders). One day, some time after this, a line of poetry popped into my head concerning the Keeper, and I wrote it down, but I did not attempt to finish the poem. I next attempted to write a story revolving around the Keeper, but I could not get the story to work out properly, so I abandoned the story to write something else. However, I still wanted to work with the Keeper, so I went back to the line of poetry, and I wrote a ballad from her point of view. I hope you all enjoy it!

Happy Reading!

I am the one who keeps all tales,
Stories from ages past,
Stories following many trails
With many trials to pass.
Upon an isle, I dwell alone,
Watching from a tower
The evil land, a dark one’s throne,
 One with little power.
Many people come to discover
The hidden truths of books.
Yet they fear to truly uncover
The truth behind their looks.
One such person visited my home,
Wanting to know the dark,
In secret read an evil tome.
He gained a warlock’s mark.
This terror I could not prevent.
He read more evil books,
Learning with a wicked intent.
He loved his inner looks.
He left to wreak havoc upon
The world in which we lived.
To the king’s palace he had gone.
What evil he contrived!
To open the forbidden door,
A princess he seduced.
The evil ones could now make war;
Each Eretore’s lifespan reduced.
I could not stop these evil ones,
For I was powerless.
The great power was Holy One’s
So I made a request.
The Lord heard my desperate plea;
Those at fault He banished.
To the place upon the deep sea
Where the evil ones languished.
He made a plan to save the ones
Whom He had lovingly chosen.
But evil still could run
From their unhappy prison.
I watch the place where evil lives,
Ready to give warning,
Also watching my hidden archives.
I can see the morning.
I am the keeper of all tales;
I mourn the loss of life.
I have heard the Eretore’s wails
From a world filled with strife.


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