The Cross

For my creative writing class, I wrote a shape poem about God and what He did to redeem us. I thought I would post it for you to read and remember the wonderful love God has for His people.

Happy Reading!

 Sin and
The Lord
Bore that
Awful pain.
His life He gave to redeem His people. He was nailed to a tree.
He had been beaten, and now He suffered, on a cross, on Calvary.
He took the punishment for His childrens’ sins, to set them free.
Has set
Me free.
He died
For me.
Upon a tree
By God,
(But not
For eternity)
The sins
Of His chosen
Were placed
Upon Him.
How I Adore
My King, my God, My Lord
Who called me to be His child. And because of Christ,
Before God I now stand, cleaner than the whitest wool, the softest snow.
Because of His loving sacrifice, I am able to be forever with my God and grow
In truth, in love, in righteousness, in hope and grace, and most of all, I can now know
At least a little, the Creator, the King, the Father, the Son, the Spirit, three in One, the great I AM
All because of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, man and God in one, the sacrificial Lamb.

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