On Completing a (Good) Romance Novel

Hello everyone! I am so sorry that I have not posted anything recently. I have started one, but it’s taking longer to write than I expected. Recently for my creative writing course at St. Petersburg College, I wrote a poem about reading a romance novel, so I thought, “Why not post that?” The idea came to me after my sister and I watched the 2004 North and South based upon the book by Elizabeth Gaskell (It’s amazing; it’s on Netflix; you should watch it. Warning: Some people may find it very sad). This poem is about what I experience almost every time I read a romance novel (or watch a romance movie) if it’s good. Like Jane Austen good.

Happy Reading!


The final page has been turned;

My new friends have learned

What it means to fly above,

How to soar on wings of love.

They know what it means to care

In all times – both foul and fair.

Both have come through valleys low;

Both have suffered many a blow

From a hand held most dear

And from a hand held in fear.

Still together they now are bound

And by God’s providence have found

The way to walk hand-in-hand

To the Lord God’s Holy Land.

I have a smile upon my face,

For by God’s help and grace,

I have seen a love fulfilled

That I believe He willed.


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